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  • Who is this product indicated for?
    For beginner entrepreneurs who already have a business in operation, for advanced entrepreneurs who have been operating their companies for several years with moderate or high success, for entrepreneurs in the process of formatting and launching their first business or a new business. It is indicated for partners of individual or family companies who are decision makers or who can strongly influence decision-making in business. The product is suitable for both "physical world" entrepreneurs and digital entrepreneurs.
  • Can an entrepreneur from which sector participate in mentoring?
    From any sector or branch. Commerce, industry, services, civil construction, self-employed or liberal professionals (doctors, engineers, lawyers, consultants) are some examples. Members of companies from different sectors, such as food and restaurants, clothing, industrial equipment, electronic products, furniture and decoration, beauty services, technology services, consulting and any other, may participate.
  • Is mentoring for the company or for the entrepreneur?
    For the entrepreneur. However, the entire company will benefit from the actions taken by the entrepreneur in the company itself. To increase individual engagement, only one member from each company can participate in online meetings. But for access to content, such as didactic material, recording of meetings, discussion group and live meeting, the entrepreneur can indicate a guest and give the same access to the members area of our online platform (Hotmart ) or our secret Facebook community. The guest can be, for example, another partner of the company.
  • How will the mentoring meetings be?
    There will be 10 previously scheduled meetings, lasting from 1:30h to 2:00h each, held completely online through a simple-to-use platform similar to Skype. On the platform, the participant will have access to the video of all the members of the group, including the mentor Bernardo Medina.
  • Do I need technology resources or technology knowledge to participate?
    You don't have to be Bill Gates to enjoy mentoring. All you need is a normal computer and quality internet access, the kind we usually have at home. For a good use of the meetings, the participant's computer must have a camera (all notebooks currently come with a built-in front camera) and an audible sound volume. Preferably, you can use a wired headset like the one that came with your cell phone, as it works as a headset and microphone at the same time. Depending on your cell phone, you may even be able to participate in the meeting using it, although our recommendation is to use a computer or notebook.
  • What kind of help will I get during the mentoring months?
    You will have two types of help: technical help on management (tools) and behavioral help (motivation and engagement). In my opinion, one doesn't work well without the other, because along the way there are obstacles both internal (motivation, self-confidence, commitment) and external (management tools you are unfamiliar with). From a behavioral point of view, you will be encouraged to build your long-term vision (5 years in the future) and also set challenging short-term goals (3 to 6 months). To commit to them, the group and the mentor will help you by charging you with tasks and partial results towards the defined objectives, every 2 or 3 weeks (break time between online meetings). In the technical aspect (external obstacles), the group members will contribute knowledge about management in their areas of expertise. For example, you may need help building your project's cash flow and there is another group member who specializes in finance. He will be able to help you. In addition to this collaboration between the members, the group's mentor (Bernardo Medina) will provide technical assistance in business management whenever necessary, either during meetings or between meetings, when teaching materials to support the group will be published.< /p>
  • What kind of content will be in the promised didactic material?
    You will receive business management topics in the areas of strategic planning, financial management, sales and people management. The material will be prepared according to the group's demand during the meetings.
  • What other companies/entrepreneurs will be mentored?
    Our expectation is to have entrepreneurs representing different sectors and different stages of development. For this there will be a process of application and selection, through which the mentor of the group, Bernardo Medina, myself, will seek to balance the group by mixing similarities and differences in the dose that I believe is correct. A dialogue between entrepreneurs in the same sector (restaurants, for example) is just as positive as a dialogue between a restaurant owner and a mobile application company owner. One can learn from the other if the mentor knows how to conduct the conversation correctly. Similarly, a dialogue between entrepreneurs with the same experience (let's say two entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience) is just as positive as a dialogue between an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and another who is just starting out. What changes is the dynamics of each dialogue, and my premise is that the richness of the group will be in the multiplicity of dialogues, as long as these are properly influenced and moderated by the group's mentor.
  • What is the difference between mentoring and consulting?
    Consulting is when companies or entrepreneurs hire other specialized companies or even trained professionals to evaluate their company, obtain information, identify opportunities, diagnose problems, find solutions for a subject or specialty, etc. Specialists are called consultants and work from the company's formation, development of strategic planning, financial management of people, etc. Business mentoring is a professional development process and consists of an experienced professional passing on his teachings and experiences to professionals with less experience in a certain aspect of the business process. Meetings are made for conversations, motivation, debates about professional and personal life, setting goals and technical questions about management. The mentor is a master. The focus of the Masterminds product is the mentoring process, which will be done in a group by mentor Bernardo Medina. But there will be consulting nuances during the process, since mentoring and consulting are not 100% dissociated activities. All conversations with the mentor will always occur with the presence of the group, not individually.
  • Will I have the mentor's attention even though the program is in a group?
    Yes. The group will be small enough for the mentor to know details about each person's professional life and business. During the meetings, individual problems of one of the participants can be addressed, if he wishes. And in addition to the help of the mentor, the other members (other registered entrepreneurs) of the group will also contribute with their technical experience or business lessons learned. The only service that is not foreseen is the holding of individual meetings between the mentor and each registered participant.
  • How do I pay for my registration?
    It's pretty simple and safe. After you click on one of the "SUBSCRIBE" buttons, the transaction will be made using your credit card through the Hotmart Platform, today the main sales channel for digital products in use in Brazil and worldwide. If you watched my webinar, you must click on the link posted at the event and you will have direct access to the sales page. Choose your subscription type (semi-annual in cash, semi-annual in installments or monthly). Click the buy button and you will be taken to the checkout page. There you will enter your credit card details, check and confirm. You will soon receive an email confirming your registration and directions for the next steps, such as your login and password to access the platform.
  • How will I be billed?
    By your credit card, simply, quickly and securely. The debit is carried out a few moments after you enter your payment details and confirm the transaction online. Depending on your subscription type, the debit will be made monthly (monthly subscription BRL 797.00/month, half-yearly subscription BRL 597.00/month) or a single payment (semester subscription in cash BRL 2,997.00).< /p> Rest assured, as the payment will be made through the Hotmart Platform, today the main sales channel for digital products in use in Brazil and worldwide.
  • Will the semester subscription fill up my card limit? What if I don't have a limit available?
    It depends. If your subscription is of the semester type in installments or the monthly type, your limit will not be occupied. Once a month, starting on the day of purchase, you will be charged the equivalent of one monthly fee/cycle, which is BRL 597.00 (semester subscription in installments) or BRL 797.00 (free monthly subscription) . But if your subscription is a half-yearly subscription, in the amount of R$ 2,997.00 (which is equivalent to the value of R$ 499.70 per month, resulting in a 37% discount in relation to the monthly subscription of R$ $797.00 and a 16% discount on the half-yearly subscription in installments of BRL 597.00), yes, you will need to have the amount of BRL 2,997.00 available on your card. It will be debited on the day of purchase and you will have to pay your carrier on the day your card expires. As I said, it is a secure transaction: the process will be carried out by the Hotmart Platform, today the main sales channel for digital products in use in Brazil and worldwide.
  • Is there any contract?
    The contract is electronic and linked to the Hotmart platform, through which payment will be made and where you will receive your access as a member, teaching materials, etc. As already explained in other questions, Hotmart is currently the largest and safest platform for online courses and products in Brazil.
  • What if I don't like the product, can I cancel? Will I lose money?"
    You have lots of options and no risk. If you notice that you don't like it in the first 15 days (in that period you will have already participated in the first meeting and received the first volume of didactic material), just ask for your money back. It is our unconditional guarantee. That simple. It's automatic, no fluff, no prank, no need to justify yourself. This applies to any type of subscription: semi-annual in cash, semi-annual in installments or monthly subscription. Now, if more than 15 days have passed, you have two options: leave soon or rely a little more on the mentoring process, until the end of the 6 months, and if applicable, take advantage of the next window to request a refund money (our second guarantee, which is conditional). If your subscription is monthly (monthly fee of BRL 797.00) you can simply cancel your subscription, even after the 15th day, in which case you will not be charged from the next month. That way you will only have invested the equivalent of the monthly amount of the months/cycles elapsed. If you cancel in the 2nd month, for example, you will no longer be charged from the 3rd month on and you will only have invested the equivalent of the first 2 months of monthly fee (2 x BRL 797.00). If your subscription is half-yearly, in installments or in cash, the evaluation of the product must be done at the end of the 6 months because the product purchased was a 6-month product (therefore, to evaluate it, you must use it first). If you still don't like it after 6 months, you can still ask for your money back for the conditional guarantee. But in this case, you need to show that you participated in at least 90% of the meetings, that you completed 90% of the tasks and that you were dedicated to your own goals. For this, you will have an individual conversation with me. My intention is not to take your money, but to encourage you to remain committed to your own journey. Once proven that you did your part and what was the method that really didn't work for you, your money will be refunded in full. No more delay. All payment or payment refund process is done through your same credit card.
  • What if my company doesn't improve after 6 months of mentoring?
    First of all, this is unlikely, because human beings tend to be much more engaged when they are most required. More engagement in your day to day generates better results. Within the program, the mentor and other registered participants will periodically charge you with tasks, while at the same time you will receive tools to solve your problems. But depending on the complexity of your business, your market, your possibility of commitment in the 6 months of mentoring, and your own personal characteristics, there is, yes, the possibility of your company not improving at all during the 6 months. If there really is no improvement, you need to assess why in the first place. I can help you, but it's a personal assessment. The lack of improvement is not necessarily the fault of the Masterminds program. But if you really understand that it was the mentoring that failed, that is, that you did everything you should, committed yourself and there was nothing positive, you can ask for your money back as explained in the answer to question 15. No mysteries , simply meeting the stated requirements.
  • Who is this product not suitable for?
    It is not suitable for entrepreneurs who are fully satisfied with their results and believe that it is not possible to improve further. It is also not indicated for entrepreneurs who do not believe in our mentoring process or who do not believe in the capacity for reciprocal engagement provoked by a selected group of members.

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