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Bernardo Medina (Partner-Director)

Postgraduate in Strategic Business Management from UFF and Certificate in Project Management from PMI, he is also a Mechanical and Physicist Engineer from UFRJ. He has nearly 20 years of experience in family businesses, both as an executive, director, partner and consultant. He was a professor at different institutions such as Universidade Santa Úrsula and Faculdade SENAI Rio. Today, in addition to being a leader at Medina Lopes, he is an accredited consultant and researcher at SEBRAE. He also acts as an Instructor at Empretec, an international seminar developed by the United Nations (UN/UNCTAD) for training entrepreneurs and economic development.

Paula R. Medina Lopes (Partner)

Bachelor of Law from UFF, Lawyer, Master's student in Constitutional Law from the National Law School (FND, UFRJ). She worked at the Federal Court of Accounts and at the Public Defender's Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Co-author of the book "Institutional Theory and Contemporary Constitutionalism" (Editora Juruá, 2016). Today, she acts primarily in special cases in the areas of business and labor law, with an advisory bias. Mother of six beautiful children: Miguel, Ignacio, Guido, Helena, Valentim and Joaquim. And he divides his time between family and business with incredible skill.


Julia Gebara (Associate)

Bachelor and Master in Law from UERJ, Lawyer, Specialist in corporate crimes,compliance, succeedssto the. In the field of business management, she has extensive experience in the areas of leadership, people management, process management and agile management (soft skills). She was a collaborator of the Minister of the STF, Luís Roberto Barroso, at UERJ. Mackenzie's teacher at undergraduate and postgraduate level, having worked at other renowned institutions. Today, she works both in management projects and in business legal consulting, including the constitution of a Family Holding. Mother of three children: Lia, Bento and Rafaela. 

Tulius I. Lopes (Associate)

He founded a mechanical industry with his father in 1978, having been very successful as an entrepreneur and business manager, going through and overcoming several crises in Brazil. Years later, after his father's death, with maturity in the company's governance, he identified, prepared and passed the baton to his successor. He sold his stake in the business to dedicate himself to other activities. Today he works as a business consultant and investor. He is considered a great mentor for partners and associates of Medina Lopes, due to his entrepreneurial vision, commercial skills and his capacity for aggregation.

Associate Consultants

To effectively meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a relationship network that allows us to count on qualified professionals in the most varied areas of activity, such as commercial, legal, accounting, environmental, quality and safety, standards and processes, among others. others. They are experienced professionals whose competence was previously attested by Medina Lopes and who complement the expertise of our partners as required. Thus, we provide services in an integrated manner, without the client having to manage several consultants.

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