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Less than 30% of Brazilian family businesses survive the transition to the second generation. Among the causes of this failure are the lack of family business governance, lack of structured succession planning.


In addition to the intrinsic difficulties of small businesses such as scarce human and financial resources, lack of scale and difficulties with bureaucracy, family businesses need to deal with very particular issues related to their members.

Over time, the family business loses competitiveness, its strategy becomes obsolete and its finances are compromised. The solution to these problems usually lies in strengthening the company's culture, which rarely happens without the help of external consultants. 

Family businesses that are successful in the long term, as a rule, are those that seek to learn from the mistakes of their peers and seek support from specialists in the most diverse areas. Medina Lopes has developed in this area to meet the demand of numerous family businesses concerned with persevering throughout generations.

Persevering in the long term implies acting in the short term. And for that, our company offers a series of consulting and training services for small businesses. Our solutions will recover your finances, and/or review your strategy, and/or reposition your company in the market, and/or find growth or exit opportunities through the search for new investor partners, and/or prepare the internal governance bases for the arrival of the next family generation.

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