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Who is the author of the ebook?

I'm Bernardo Medina and I've been working with family businesses for 25 years. That's right! Between 1997 and 2007, I gradually succeeded my family in managing a medium-sized family mechanical industry. I acquired experience in several sectors until I took over the Company's Administrative Management in 2007, at the age of 25.

Meanwhile, I graduated in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. I also took an MBA in Strategic Business Management because I wanted to learn more about management and legitimize my work as a consultant with a specific degree. Later I obtained the international certification as Project Manager by PMI.

In parallel with my work at the company and my studies, I found time to give management consultancy at other companies, lectures and courses in the area. I started as an independent consultant in 2008 and one client referred the other: the demand gradually grew until I could no longer share my time with the family business.


In 2011 I had already taken Empretec, the International Entrepreneurship Seminar, which has trained entrepreneurs since 1988 in 38 countries, through a high-impact behavioral methodology, coordinated by the United Nations (UN). I liked the methodology so much that I applied to become an Instructor for the program, which I managed to achieve in 2013.


I finally made one of the hardest decisions of my life: I decided to start the family industry in 2013 to dedicate myself fully to consulting and training, which once had become my passion, also deserved to become my main activity. Today I work 100% as a Business Consultant for my company, Medina Lopes, and I am on the Board of several family businesses that together earn more than 300 million reais annually.


Since 2008 there are more than 20,000 hours of experience in training and consulting for small and medium-sized family businesses, having already closely guided hundreds of business families in training and consulting for their businesses, impacting millions of people.


I'm Catholic, music lover and married to Lawyer Paula, with whom I have (for the time being) five beautiful children.

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