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Family businesses, like yours, are generators of more than half of the Brazilian GDP and about 2/3 of all job creation. Despite such importance, they do not receive due attention and due value from governments or society. In fact, not even the owners of these small businesses and their families realize that their companies deserve special care.

The result of this is dramatic: more than 70% of family businesses do not survive until their second generation because they neglect problems such as:  remuneration of partners and family members, separation between family and company, management of conflicts between generations, succession planning and many other issues. But if you got to this page, then I believe that your company is part of a small group that does not accept prophetic destinations or average results. More than leaving a fortune, you want to leave a legacy.

For this you need to professionalize your company and your family members. Registration is open for the first group of the "Professional Family Business" training program, developed for family businesses of all sizes and with members of all ages. There are 6 modules of exclusive video content and didactic activities, in addition to 3 live classes, online, in a group, over the 7 weeks of the program.


For those who sign up during launch week, I will provide 2 more bonuses: a module on evaluating and selling family businesses and a module on how to succeed outside the family business. Time to seize the opportunity to rethink your business and your family.



Madelon Anselmo


Bernardo Medina, além de ser uma pessoa extremamente profissional, é cuidadoso e focado. Consegue transmitir serenidade e sutileza incomuns quando nos leva a refletir as nossas próprias limitações. Possui um jeito peculiar no trato com as pessoas. Seu trabalho é impecável!

Silvestre Braga

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Muito fera! Ajuda a enxergar os caminhos para o sucesso! Recomendo!

Karla Guisaoli

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

O trabalho do Bernardo Medina é sensacional. Sua forma de trabalhar é tranquila, com foco e clareza. Sua percepção do universo empresarial é forte e isso transmite confiança no seu serviço. É uma pessoa educada, inteligente e competente. Sabe o que está fazendo. Recomendo!

Eloir Wandelli

Nova Iguaçu/RJ

Um ótimo profissional! Centrado e muito competente, além de ser uma excelente pessoa!

Elizabeth Mendes

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Bernardo Medina é um gestor competente, inteligente, educado e muito motivador. Super recomendo! Tenho imenso prazer de compartilhar que tive a oportunidade de trabalhar com ele. Aprendi muito e contribuiu pro meu crescimento : )

Wallace Laurindo

Nova Friburgo/RJ

O Professor Bernardo é simplesmente brilhante. Sempre claro e objetivo. Seu conhecimento ajuda a alavancar qualquer negócio de forma incomparável. Recomendo fortemente seu trabalho!

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The Professional Family Business Program was developed inspired by the author's experience of 15 years in his own family business, which he left in 2013, and 10 years as a management consultant in family businesses, since 2008. This product, today 100% digital, is based on in the various in-person classes that were applied by the author in 2016, 2017 and 2018, positively impacting dozens of entrepreneurs in Rio de Janeiro.


Unlike other online programs, the Professional Family Business Program is practical and objective. Most of the content is delivered in short videos, making it easier for the participant to understand. There are more than 40 classes on critical topics for family business, such as partner remuneration, separation between business and family, parent-child relationship, professionalization of the team and succession planning. In addition, you will have the opportunity to test the knowledge imparted with a quick quiz at the end of each module.


Module 1

The family business and its problems

Module 2

The conflict of generations in the family business 


Module 3

How to professionalize the family business


Module 4

How to prepare the succession


Module 5 

Family businesses: success stories


Module 6

Next steps: application in the company

Bonus 1*

How to value and sell your family business

Bonus 2**

How to succeed outside the family business


*Exclusive bonus for the first subscribers.

**Exclusive launch day bonus.


To facilitate the learning and application of concepts in the company, one module will be released per week. Every 2 or 3 weeks there will be an extra class, live, to solve doubts: a real mini group consultation, where you bring up specific questions about your family business. Thus, the Professional Family Business Program lasts approximately 7 weeks, already including the two bonus modules.

Our guarantee: if you buy and don't like the product, you can cancel it up to the 7th day and you'll get your money back. If you cancel later, your request will be evaluated by the mentor. The biggest risk is ours. NOTE: This product is not recommended for entrepreneurs who are fully satisfied with their results and believe that it is not possible to improve further.


Up to 10 installments of BRL 68.18

Full access to the program for a period of one year, in monthly installments.

payment in installments

Cash payment with discount

Full access to the program for a period of one year, upon a single payment.

BRL 597.00 in cash


Bernardo Medina has been working with family businesses for 20 years. He started as an intern in the family's industrial company until he became one of the partners. Gradually, he fell in love with business management and family entrepreneurship. And he began to provide consultancy to other business families and individuals in 2008. Gradually, Bernardo succeeded his grandfather and father in the Administrative Direction of the family business and helped the business prosper.


Years later, with difficulty in reconciling the life of a company owner with the life of a consultant in other companies, he made the most difficult professional decision of his life: he chose to sell his share in the business to dedicate himself fully to the consultancy activity of family management and entrepreneurship.


Despite having started working at the age of fifteen, Bernardo has always remained focused on his studies, which is one of his personal traits. He is a Mechanical Engineer, graduated in Physics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and later completed an MBA in Strategic Business Management at the Fluminense Federal University.


He speaks three languages and has taken countless extension courses in the areas of management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Today, Bernardo is professionally dedicated to helping entrepreneurs on their individual journeys or in family businesses. For this, he divides himself into projects where he acts as a consultant, mentor or instructor, in both face-to-face and online sessions.


Its facebook page has more than quadrupled in size over the past 12 months and its customer base is following suit. One of the activities that Bernardo enjoys most is acting as an Instructor at the Empretec Entrepreneurship Seminar, a high-impact international program developed by the United Nations and which has trained 400,000 entrepreneurs in 40 countries.

Bernardo sits on the Advisory Board or Board of Directors of several family businesses in different segments, such as commerce, industry and services, collaborating with the long-term strategy of micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Learn more about Bernardo Medina by visiting his page onFacebook.


You will be entitled to two guarantees: one unconditional and one conditional (which depends on evidence).


The unconditional guarantee is 7 days: if by that time you have used the product and don't like it, just ask for a return. You will have received the introduction and the first module of the program, which I believe is enough to feel the quality of the material and our care in production.


The other guarantee is the following: if after the 2-month duration of the program your concepts about your family business have not undergone any major changes, you can ask for your money back. Just show that you attended all the classes, participated in the live meetings and engaged in the proposed actions and tasks assigned to you during the period of participation in the program. 

payment in installments

Full access to the program for a period of one year, in monthly installments.

Up to 10 installments of BRL 68.18

Cash payment

Full access to the program for a period of one year, upon a single payment.

BRL 597.00 in cash


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