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Who is the author of the worksheet?

I'm Bernardo Medina and I've been working with family businesses for 20 years. That's right! Between 1997 and 2009, I gradually succeeded my family in managing a medium-sized family mechanical industry. I acquired experience in several sectors until I took over the Company's Administrative Management in 2007, at the age of 25.

Meanwhile, I graduated in Physics from UFRJ, in addition to being a Mechanical Engineer certified by CREA/RJ. I also took an MBA in Business Management from UFF, as I wanted to learn more about management and legitimize my work as a consultant with a specific degree. Later I obtained the international certification as Project Manager by PMI.

In parallel with my work at the company and my studies, I found time to give management consultancy at other companies, lectures and courses in the area. Yes, I was accelerated. I started as an independent consultant in 2008 and one client referred the other: demand gradually grew.


In 2011 I had already taken Empretec, the International Entrepreneurship Seminar, which has trained entrepreneurs since 1988 in 38 countries, through a high-impact behavioral methodology, coordinated by the United Nations (UN). I liked the methodology so much that I applied to be an Instructor for the program, which I managed to achieve in 2013, after a hard journey.


There came a point where it was no longer possible to own a company and still act as a consultant for other companies, a speaker, a teacher, etc. So I made one of the hardest decisions of my life: I left the family industry in 2014 to dedicate myself fully to consulting and training, which once had become my passion, also deserved to become my main activity.


I gained hundreds of hours of experience in training and consulting for small and medium-sized family businesses, having already guided more than 700 entrepreneurs in training and consulting. Today he works as a Business Consultant for my company, Medina Lopes – Gestão da Empresa Familiar, where I am the main partner.


I am a practicing Catholic, music lover and married to Advogada Paula, with whom I have (for now) three beautiful children: little Miguel, Ignacio and Guido.

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