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Small Entrepreneur

Are you looking for professional replacement or are you dissatisfied at work? Opportunities do not appear out of nowhere: they are created or taken advantage of by your personal movement. So, don't wait for the country to change: change it yourself, starting your successful business.

What if you could learn, in just one day, how to start your small business? Come with us and get to know, in practice, the necessary tools and steps, already followed by successful entrepreneurs.






Step 1: Ideation

1st step: Ideation


What business would you like to have? The starting point is to look at unmet needs or problems in your market. Who is your customer and what kind of solution could you offer. We will answer these questions using tested dynamics used by successful entrepreneurs, such as brainstorming. You can come to the seminar with a preconceived idea and develop it with the group, or simply start from scratch. At this stage, our intention is to identify as many opportunities and business ideas as possible.

Step 2: Modeling

2nd Step: Modeling


Once the best business opportunities have been selected, we will see how innovatively you intend to explore them. Through the "canvas" tool, we will help you define the best business model for your company. At this stage, the important thing is to test different models and collect feedback from the other participants in the class, who play the role of customers. The best model will be the one with the best value proposition with the best cost benefit. In just a few hours you will have an outline of your business structure. It's possible!

Step 3: Financial Simulation

3rd Step: Financial simulation


To test the viability of your business idea, we need to do math. The difference in this step is that we will provide you with an incredible spreadsheet with predefined fields. The purpose of this stage is to simulate the speed of business growth, the balance between income and expenses, evaluate sales prices, etc. With a final result, you will know the initial investment needed to start the company, term and rate of return, the expected profit and, of course, the probability of success. And best of all: you will have our help to solve your doubts. 

Step 4: Action plan

4th Step: Action plan


How many times have you prepared to start a project and failed to go ahead? So it is. With that in mind, we have created a dynamic that will guide and motivate you to continue your journey even after the seminar ends. While still in the classroom, we will help you define your goals and break them down into steps and actions. With defined deadlines! Thus, you will have a cake recipe to follow from the end of this day, greatly reducing the risk of paralysis. With this sequence of four fundamental steps, you just don't open your company if you don't want to.


July 8 | Saturday

Hours: 09:00 to 19:00

Registration from 08:30h. Coffee breaks included in the morning and afternoon. Free lunch, with fair option at the hotel. An incredible view.


New World Hotel

Flamengo Beach, 20 - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Very close to the Catete Metro, with parking options near the event venue (paid separately). Ease of location for Uber and Taxi.


entrepreneurial woman

Have you always wanted to undertake and didn't have a chance?

Have you ever undertaken and it didn't work?

Are you dissatisfied and without prospects in your job?

Want to learn how to start a business?

Do you dream of having your own business?

Just started your venture but have questions?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, and if you are willing to take it a step further, this innovative seminar could be the perfect opportunity for you.


Bernardo Medina

Bernardo is a specialist in Business Management from UFF, Mechanical Engineer and Degree in Physics from UFRJ. He has been working in small family businesses for over 15 years, whether as a partner, executive or consultant. He was the successor of his family in a medium-sized mechanical industry, where he served as Industrial Director and then Administrative and Financial Director. For several years, Bernardo divided his time between the factory routine and his consulting activities in other businesses. That was when he decided to sell his stake in the company and dedicate himself fully to Medina Lopes, a consulting firm he founded to provide management support to family businesses and entrepreneurs. Since 2008, he has helped more than 600 entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in their consulting and training programs. Carioca, Catholic, married and father of 3 children: Miguel, Ignacio and Guido. 

Business Management Specialist

successful entrepreneur

Helped over 600 entrepreneurs

Family Business Consultant


Our offer for you:

  • Nine hours of high quality content

  • Dynamic seminar, with theory and practice in each of the four modules

  • Classroom activities for immediate application of the introduced tools

  • The secrets of the four steps to successful entrepreneurship, according to Bernardo Medina

  • Interaction with other entrepreneurs participating in the class

  • Individual didactic material

  • Morning and afternoon coffee breaks

  • Certificate of participation

  • Mini consultancy* for the first 10 subscribers

  • Quality guarantee*: if you are not satisfied at the end of the seminar, we will refund 80% of the amount paid

Registration until the 4th of July:

Single ticket: BRL 590.00

Double ticket: BRL 990.00

Registration after July 4th:

Single ticket: BRL 790.00

Double ticket: BRL 1,190.00


(21) 4042-8481

(21) 99611-5569

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