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Business mentoring group focused on resuming business after the end of the quarantine. How to reduce costs and recover customers? How to identify consumer behavior trends and generate new revenue? How to reinvent the business model and adapt it to the new normal?


sThere will be weekly online and live meetings to address these issues, in order to challenge entrepreneurs to generate innovative ideas and test them in practice, in their own company, in the short term. A mentorship for those who want to go further.

half-yearly subscription

Full access to the program with a 25% discount on the monthly fee(and entitled to bonus)

R$ 1,497.00  for BRL 897.00 per semester

Monthly signature

Full access to the program for as long as you like (automatically renewed each month)

BRL 297.00  for BRL 197.00 per month


Madelon Anselmo


Bernardo Medina, além de ser uma pessoa extremamente profissional, é cuidadoso e focado. Consegue transmitir serenidade e sutileza incomuns quando nos leva a refletir as nossas próprias limitações. Possui um jeito peculiar no trato com as pessoas. Seu trabalho é impecável!

Silvestre Braga

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Muito fera! Ajuda a enxergar os caminhos para o sucesso! Recomendo!

Karla Guisaoli

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

O trabalho do Bernardo Medina é sensacional. Sua forma de trabalhar é tranquila, com foco e clareza. Sua percepção do universo empresarial é forte e isso transmite confiança no seu serviço. É uma pessoa educada, inteligente e competente. Sabe o que está fazendo. Recomendo!

Eloir Wandelli

Nova Iguaçu/RJ

Um ótimo profissional! Centrado e muito competente, além de ser uma excelente pessoa!

Elizabeth Mendes

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Bernardo Medina é um gestor competente, inteligente, educado e muito motivador. Super recomendo! Tenho imenso prazer de compartilhar que tive a oportunidade de trabalhar com ele. Aprendi muito e contribuiu pro meu crescimento : )

Wallace Laurindo

Nova Friburgo/RJ

O Professor Bernardo é simplesmente brilhante. Sempre claro e objetivo. Seu conhecimento ajuda a alavancar qualquer negócio de forma incomparável. Recomendo fortemente seu trabalho!

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Reset is an online mentoring group for entrepreneurs who want help reinventing their businesses, adapting them for the post-covid era.


  • How to safely return to the normal pace of work?

  • How to recover lost revenue and margin?

  • How to win back and keep customers? 

  • How to finance the changes that need to be made?

  • How can I always be motivated to lead my business?

With that in mind, we developed a mentorship that will allow a small group of entrepreneurs, with similar characteristics, to have a qualified space where they can discuss new ideas to face new challenges. But not just that.

There will be weekly, live meetings, moderated by an experienced mentor.(Bernardo Medina), where tools such asdesign thinking and business modeling (among others) for each company to develop new products and services to take advantage of new trends.


Those who missed the live meeting will be able to watch the recording afterwards. Or wait for the next one, taking advantage of what happens every week.

In addition to these live interactions (our focus and great differential) you will also have access to recorded content on the platform and you will receive support from the mentor within our exclusive whatsapp group. Mentorship will have a triple focus, prioritizing the following business themes:

  • Numbers: emergency management of business finances during a crisis and definition of metrics for monitoring

  • Markets: review of the business strategy, redefining the value proposition and the most relevant customer segments

  • People: how to motivate the internal team (including partners) and keep everyone engaged in the transformation process

The mentoring group will function as a "crisis cabinet". One entrepreneur helps another. Every experience counts. The mentor, Bernardo Medina, will mediate the conversations, setting the right pace and tone, in addition to bringing up-to-date and innovative content. This will be valid in live online meetings and also in group interactions via whatsapp.

Every week, each company undertakes to test the hypotheses discussed in the group in their markets. And with that we will have a quick feedback from the "target public" of each company. Our constant cycle of work will be: idealizing possibilities, selecting paths, creating test versions of products/services and validating with the consumer. 

It is possible that each entrepreneur is able to make this journey on their own. However, practice shows that this is highly unlikely. Besides being much less exciting. "If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go further, go together".


The coronavirus caused a deep distancing between people, generating effects such as anxiety, anguish and depression in some cases. Furthermore, the entrepreneur is so focused on his business that he doesn't have time to follow trends in other markets and think "outside the box".


The fact is that many entrepreneurs feel alone to lead the process of resuming their businesses. Avoid it! Yes, cAs a participant in the Reset Empreendedor mentoring group, you will have access to:

  1. Weekly live meetings to apply the methodology for developing new products and services;

  2. Weekly content recorded on business management topics such as strategy, finance, marketing, etc.;

  3. Exclusive debate group via whatsapp/telegram to exchange insights, news and suggestions;

  4. Updates on case studies of other companies that reinvented themselves in the covid-19 crisis;

  5. Entrepreneurs like you who care about your results and will motivate you to act.

Instead of just recorded classes as in other online courses, the content of the Reset Empreendedor mentorship is delivered 80% live, that is, through online meetings where you can interact in real time with the mentor Bernardo Medina or with other companies.


A group of only 10 to 20 companies is expected in this first phase of the project, facilitating and encouraging individual participation during the meetings. That is, an extremely exclusive group with a lot of access to the mentor.


In order for the investment to be affordable for companies committed to professional growth, access to mentoring is done through a subscription format, without loyalty and with a 15-day trial period (both monthly and half-yearly subscriptions).


In the semester plan, members will receive a 25% discount for their commitment to the project and, as a bonus, they will have a one-on-one consultation with me after the fourth weekly group mentoring meeting (let's schedule the date calmly).


In the monthly plan, participants have the great advantage of being able to remain in the mentorship for as long as they wish, paying only BRL 197.00/month. Less than the value of dinner in a good restaurant. You just don't go in if you don't want to. And the next class will be more expensive.

Disclaimer: the results of applying the method in the company may vary from person to person.


Bernardo Medina has been working with family businesses for 20 years. He started as an intern in the family's industrial company until he became one of the partners. Gradually, he fell in love with business management and family entrepreneurship.


And he began to provide consultancy to other business families and individuals in 2008. Gradually, Bernardo succeeded his grandfather and father in the Administrative Direction of the family business and helped the business prosper.


Years later, with difficulty in reconciling the life of a company owner with the life of a consultant in other companies, he made the most difficult professional decision of his life: he chose to sell his share in the business to dedicate himself fully to the consultancy activity of family management and entrepreneurship.


Despite having started working at the age of fifteen, Bernardo has always remained focused on his studies, which is one of his personal traits. He is a Mechanical Engineer, graduated in Physics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and later completed an MBA in Strategic Business Management at the Fluminense Federal University.


He speaks three languages and has taken countless extension courses in the areas of management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Today, Bernardo is professionally dedicated to helping entrepreneurs on their individual journeys or in family businesses. For this, he divides himself into projects where he acts as a consultant, mentor or instructor, in both face-to-face and online sessions.


Its social networks and customer base have multiplied in recent years. And one of the other activities that Bernardo most enjoys is acting as an Instructor at the Empretec Entrepreneurship Seminar, a high-impact international program developed by the United Nations and which has trained 400,000 entrepreneurs in 40 countries.

Learn more about Bernardo Medina by visiting his page onInstagram.


One of the great differentials of this mentorship is the size of the group: we believe that a small group, between 10 and 20 people, is ideal to guarantee adequate time for each participant to express himself in online meetings and within the exclusive group on whatsapp. The smaller the group, the more unique the product and the easier access to mentor knowledge. Therefore, in this release, only 10 spots will be available.

half-yearly subscription

Full access to the program with a 25% discount on the monthly fee (and the right to bonuses)

R$ 1,497.00  for BRL 897.00 per semester

Monthly signature

Full access to the program for as long as you like (automatically renewed each month)

BRL 297.00  for BRL 197.00 per month


You will be entitled to two guarantees: one unconditional and one conditional (which depends on evidence). This means that we are so confident in the outcome of this mentorship that we will absorb any risk of this sale. 


The first guarantee is unconditional and valid for 15 days: if within that period you have used the product and don't like it, just ask for a return (valid for both monthly and half-yearly subscriptions).


You will have participated in a meeting and will have had access to part of the lessons and content, which is enough to make a judgment about the quality of your investment.


The 15-day unconditional guarantee return process is automatic: just make the request within the same platform where you made the initial payment. You don't need to explain anything to anyone.


The second guarantee is the following: if after 6 months of mentoring your results have not improved visibly, you can ask for half of your money back.


It is enough to have participated in (at least) 75% of the meetings and to show that it was engaged in the proposed actions during the period of participation in the program. To apply for this type of guarantee, you must remain in the program for 6 months. 

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