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The year has already started and this time you need to set goals and commit to them.

Watch the video to understand why some entrepreneurs have more results than others. Without taking "courses".

I'm Bernardo Medina and I've been working with family businesses for 20 years. I succeeded my family in managing a medium-sized mechanical industry. 


There came a point where it was no longer possible to own a company and act as a consultant for other companies, a speaker and teacher. So I made a decision that changed my life.

Keep an eye on your email! In the next few days you will be invited to the 2nd video of this series. 

Chances are you've taken at least one high-impact course in the last few years. Am I right here? Entrepreneurship course, digital marketing, leadership, transformation, strategic management and many others. There are people taking courses for a long time.


And I ask: why does the course end and things don't change (enough)? Why do you leave so motivated on Sunday and, come on Monday, your company stays the same? Well… If you have taken the best behavioral change course there is and that wasn't enough to turn things around in your life, chances are you need something different. 

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