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Advice on the sale of companies, acquisitions, mediation of conflicts, andvaluation (company valuation)

Advising on the sale of companies

Selling or buying a business can be one of your company's most difficult transactions. We will help you with our previous experience in similar transactions, developing strategies, searching for buyers (or sellers) and preparing your company to get the best deal possible.

Conflict mediation

You don't have to stay with a society that no longer bears good fruit. Brazilian law allows conflicting parties to elect an arbitrator who listens to both sides of the story and seeks a workable settlement. If an agreement is not possible, the consultant can act as an elected arbitrator and sentence a fair outcome to the controversy.

Valuation(company valuation)

As a partner or executive, you need to know how much your company is worth in order to make strategic decisions such as selling your company, buying another business, opening another unit or negotiations between partners. We will audit your business to find out the fair market value for your company.

Business management

Governance and Succession

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