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Business management with emphasis on strategy, finance, indicators and other topics

Strategic planning and general diagnosis

The first step towards the future of your business is the definition of the most strategic objectives. Using a differentiated methodology, we will help you to better understand your company's vocation and outline challenging goals. Then we will build a detailed action plan to achieve them.

Managing KPI's,

 processes and people

To know if your company is on the right path, it is essential to have performance indicators in key areas: sales, operations, finance and people. We will study your business to define the most relevant indicators for management and we will create a dashboard to monitor them on a daily basis.

Financial Management and
coping with crises

Every company must generate a positive financial result to remunerate its investors and perpetuate the operation. We will investigate your finances to verify controls, pricing, debt levels and other management indicators. As a result we will find ways to increase your profit.

Multidisciplinary business consulting

Does your company have chronic problems and you can't find an apparent cause? With our extensive experience and more than 600 clients served, we have developed a methodology that will diagnose your company in just one meeting or consultation. In view of this consultancy's report, your company may choose to implement the proposed solutions on its own without the cost of continuing business consultancy.

mentoring, coaching and counseling

Small businesses find it difficult to hire high-performing executives because of their high salaries. An excellent solution is to hire an experienced consultant as an on-demand trusted advisor. He will guide the business owners through key decisions. The consultant may participate in board meetings, or even install one. You'll improve your company's technical qualification without increasing payroll charges.

Governance and Succession

Valuation and Agreements

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