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Succession planning, governance, family agreements, leadership training, advisory board.

Governance and family agreements

The future of the company depends on the establishment of limits and rules between the powers of the company and the family. We will map the culture of your business and build important instruments for the longevity of your company, such as a good shareholders' agreement and a manual of good practices to guide company decisions that involve the family.

Successor training program
and new leaders

True leadership does not emerge overnight. Your company can accelerate the training process of potential successors. Leaders will receive theoretical training adapted to the needs of their company, and practical training with application in the day-to-day business.

Creation and participation in the advisory board

Separation of business and ownership is critical, even in small family businesses. An active board of directors will deal with more strategic matters of the business and, with the support of external consultants, will be able to see beyond the day-to-day operation. It is a vital step towards the next generations of the family.


asset protection
and family holding

Family and business assets should not be exposed to the risks of the business or the excessive costs of common inventory. For this, we recommend a planning system in the succession of assets that resolves these issues with tax efficiency and peace of mind for the family.

Business management

Valuation and Partner Agreements

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